Zappers & Accessories

Frequency devices have become popular for a wide variety of uses. The SyncroZap™ was first made by our company - Self Health Research Center in 1993. Dr. Clark turned away from zapping with specific frequencies because she found it less effective than other methods. She replaced frequency zapping with plate zapping. The Dr. Clark Store SyncroZap™ uses plate zapping technology - it does not use "smart keys" with frequencies. Dr. Clark did not use those!

We have listened to our customers and added the features you have asked for. We however don't add "bells and whistles" to our zapper in order to pretend to have a better device. We have made good - BETTER. If you purchase our frequency generators you can rest assured that you are buying a sturdy and solid unit made the proper way.

This is not a medical item and can’t be advocated for use for any medical purposes. This item is for spiritual, religious, entertainment and research purposes only.

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