In order to reduce cost, we import your order, one by one, directly from the manufacturer, Self Health Resource Center, in USA. We ship once per week, every Friday, from the United States to The Netherlands. Expected delivery date is 7-10 business days, however, inclement weather or hold ups at customs can add to the delivery date.

All orders are shipped via FedEx. Shipments outside of the Netherlands require signature at time of delivery. If you are not there for your shipment, FedEx, will attempt to deliver a second time. After two failed delivery attempts package is shipped back to our distribution center. We will refund you the price of your products, but we will not pay for any shipping charges, either outbound or inbound. No refund on shipping cost.


Note on Taxes and Fees:

In practical terms, shipments dispatched to other member states of the EU fall under free circulation which allows for goods to be moved around the EU without paying duties. There are exceptions; sales to countries outside the EU and to special EU territories. Those are treated as exports.

Countries outside the EU or within those special EU territories are subject to custom duties fees. These fees are billed by the courier FedEx.

FedEx will not deliver package unless all fees are paid prior to delivery.